Different Bible Editions

The Revised Christian Community Bible – Catholic Pastoral Edition

The first publication of the CCB (Christian Community Bible) was 25 years ago. Today we are distributing the 60th edition. This speaks volumes about the acceptance of the CCB in the Philippines and around the world.

Last year we finished a complete revision of text and commentaries after four years of work. Biblical scholars, linguists, editors and copy editors from different countries worked together for several years for a completely new revised edition of the Christian Community Bible (CCB) with the following main features:

  • It has brought the text closer to the original languages in a number of passages.
  • All biblical cross-references have been verified, with some removed and new ones added.
  • Words beginning in either capital or lower case are now spelled consistently.
  • A biblical pronunciation guide is added in the glossary.
  • The verse references are cited in the commentary when texts are quoted for easy reference.
  • New commentaries on the Psalms, thanks to the Grail Society for allowing us to use their commentaries.
  • A very careful revision of the text of the four Gospels even as many of these small changes already appeared in recent editions.
  • A new layout of the complete Pastoral Bible though the “pastoral approach” to the Bible remains unchanged:
    • Fidelity to the original languages.
    • Introductions to and commentaries on the text following the great tradition of biblical scholarship helping the reader to relate it with one’s life and faith.
    • English rendition for readers who have English as a second language.

We have asked professional English teachers to read the text of this Bible aloud and introduce pauses (commas) to facilitate the comprehension of readers who have English as a second language. This Catholic Bible is ideal for high school and college students for whom English is not their first language: they get the advantage of having a Bible with accurate translation, text easy to understand and with introductions and commentaries to bring them closer to the Word of God as the Catholic Church desires.