The editor's comments on our recent publications

The Bible Foundation, Macao has been publishing bibles and books that will herald a new model of being Church. The Christian Community Bible, the Catholic Prayer Bible, The Little Rock Study Bible were all published with the concept of empowering the readers. The Claretian Publications, Macao a twin concern of the Pastoral Bible Foundation also concentrated on encouraging the readers to be active agents of the much-needed change in the Church.

One of the heralds of this change, a world leader, who continues to amaze us these days, is Pope Francis. Well! He had been doing so even before he became the Pope. Now he is on the world stage and everyone gets to share his charisma and vision.

The Claretian Publications in Argentina had already published his writings in Spanish. Last year we published some of his books to make them available to the English and Chinese readers. Since 2013 we published a series of books on Pope Francis, as his biography, on his run up to the Vatican or as his inspirational quotes. Last year, we also published his Encyclical, Evangelii Gaudium, in English and in 2015, its Chinese translation.

Unexpectedly, what amazed us recently is the sale of this little book by name, A Year with Pope Francis which began to be sold at a very fast pace. This is a very friendly book to those who love to meditate a little in the busy pace of modern life. This is the best of my choices as a suggestion.

Look forward to a similar book by name A Year with Pope Francis and the Family, since this is a theme that Francis has been trying to drive home during his talks.